When they tell you who they are, believe them.

In their own words:

It would be very easy to take time to sling mud and talk about how terrible my opponent is, but I’d rather let the GOP tell you what we’re up against.

Here are a couple of reminders while we watch:

  • The 1st Amendment’s protection of free speech does not include private companies (such as Twitter)
  • Joe Biden was not the president when the pandemic began. He was not the one to close businesses or schools, he was not the one who took credit for introducing the vaccine. The GOP  conveniently forgets that all of those things happened under the twice impeached, four-times-indicted, insurrectionist, losing former president.

Most of the videos will be posted without commentary unless context is necessary, and without further ado, let the show begin!

Here are some clips of just Marjorie Taylor Greene, Enjoy!

More Republicans Behaving Badly for you here, and a bonus clip, during the 15 attempts to elect a House Speaker, where Alabama Republican Representative had to be pulled away from Matt Gaetz by his face! I tried not to add any ‘produced’ videos, but the MSNBC piece relaced 3 videos that I was going to have to splice together myself.

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