Hi, I'm Deric.

My name is Deric Houston and I’m running as a candidate for 2024 U.S. Representative in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District against Marjorie Taylor Greene. I am running on a platform of restoring candor to the office.


I was born and raised in South Florida in the 1980s and 90s in the later part of Generation X, when the internet was barely a fraction of what it is today. It would be an understatement to say that growing up on both sides of the internet boom fed my insatiable fascination with technological advancement and human progress.

High school

In High School, my friends and I discovered The Daily Show (with Craig Kilborn) and began arguing politics and using the fledgling internet to support our arguments. In the middle of my senior year of High School, I moved to Georgia and, not having the money or test scores for college, I immediately entered the workforce. Beginning with my experiences rebuilding the insides of large retail stores, and moving on to waiting tables, working in retail stores, and finally on to management.

First job

My love for numbers and one-on-one interaction made me very good at my job, and my insistence on fairness made the people whose sales commission I was paying confident in my work.


Appropriately enough, I met my wife of 20 years, Jaime, on the internet. Long before the days of Match.com, Yahoo! chat was where everyone went to hang out and chat with friends or strangers online. Although she was living with her dad in Puerto Rico at the time, she was looking to talk to friends back home, since she grew up in Woodstock, Ga, and we started talking, and never stopped. We have two daughters in public school.


I’m running for Congress because Georgia has a voice, and it’s not one that lies, denies reality, and makes their district look foolish. I’m running because lies and corruption are what people expect from whomever they vote for, and that shouldn’t be the case. I’m running because the people who got the nation into this mess won’t be the same to get them out. My promise of candor brings with it the transparency of knowing how I feel about the issues, and no back-room deals, lining my pockets at your expense.

While in office, I intend to always work with others to get things done, but I’m also not afraid to stand alone and fight for what is right. A few things that need to change include (but are not limited to):

  • Codifying Roe v Wade, ensuring that a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body is her own.
  • LGBTQ+ Rights, ensuring that the community is afforded no less rights, privileges, or responsibilities than their Cis-gendered and/or heterosexual counterparts.
  • Protecting children in schools, from both physical harm, and the harm to their education at the hand of an activist governing body.
  • The line between law enforcement’s safety and allowing them to act as judge, jury, and executioner.
  • Working to ensure that as technology progresses, those who do the job today get retooled and retrained, instead of retired and replaced.
  • Balancing the budget without ever touching earned income benefits In my lifetime, I have only ever heard one politician truly speak to me. Other than that, everyone spoke to the baby boomers, specifically the old, white, rich donors.


It’s always been a running joke that Generation X is the forgotten generation, but in forgetting, it also slipped their mind that Gen X also has a vote, Now the Millennials that the GOP have been mocking with their jeers of poverty can also vote, and they must’ve forgotten to check their watch to see that Gen Z, the TikTok Generation is just starting to get the vote, and some of them are itching to exercise their new right by reminding The House who they work for.

Three generations have been ignored, it’s time to remind them that The People, and their views, did not stop progressing in 1950, we progressed despite those trying to hold the lower and middle classes down.

Voting for me tells Washington that we’re here, and that we’re not going to let our country fall to fascism in the face of a cultist and his mob.

I need your vote because, candidly, we need to bring back a sense of reality to congress, and we can’t keep relying on more of the same.

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