TL;DR One can only complain for so long before inaction begins to hurt the cause

Why run for congress??

Do you wonder why laws for the future are being written by people who won’t be alive long enough to feel the impact? Are you worried that the GOP has become more about “owning the libs” than arguing the merits of bills?

Is it troubling to you that a large portion of the country still denies that January 6th was violent, carried out by far-right Trump supporters, and encouraged by the former president?

Do you think this is what the founding fathers had in mind for America, almost 250 years later?

Are we to sit idly by, while our friends, neighbors, and family are stripped of basic human rights, simply because we’re in a deep red district?

I’m Deric Houston and these questions often keep me up at night. I’ve relied on strangers to move the people to vote for their own interests, instead of voting for someone who will just work against them – I’m frequently disappointed – and I now see that the best way to effect change is to get directly involved, so that is what we’ll do.  GA-14 has been a solid republican district since its creation in 2010, but I think the last 6 years of “MAGA Behaving Badly may have people thinking twice about who they’re voting for. 

I’m not going to make campaign promises about what I’ll do for Georgia, what I’ll do for the district, or even for the individual counties and cities. If you’d like to see where I stand on the issues, check the What do I Stand For?.

What I will promise is candor, and being honest about what’s going on. It may come across as harsh from time to time, but I think we’d all prefer a shot of harsh reality, rather than the silky-smooth lies that we keep being fed. I know that I’m not going to walk in to the House of Representatives on day one, as 1 of 435 people, and demand everyone (or anyone, for that matter) to go along with my ideas. It will take time to establish myself, brush off the crazy that the current representation has brought to the floor of the house since 2020, and establish your voice with my peers.

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