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Since the 1980s, Congress has been a walled garden that primarily ‘conservative’ candidates, regardless of party, have been allowed into. If they were to cede power to Generation X, Millennials, or Gen Z, their progressive ideologies could get a foothold and change the way our legislation is written; to benefit people over corporations, to take care of our citizens, both the well fed and the hungry, things that are considered ‘extreme’ right now.

I am a different kind of candidate. I’m focusing on solutions that haven’t been tried a hundred times, cutting through red tape, and working to make Washington more ready for the future to come.

I am, and have always been, a nerd; computers, comics, movies, music, video games, literature, science, and math – and probably a few things I’ve forgotten. Nerds often look at the world from a different angle, Sometimes we see it as a puzzle to be fixed, sometimes a solution to be improved, and sometime still, a mass of data to be analyzed, but we seldom see a place that is as-it-should-be.

The current Congress is made up of mostly (what we’ll call, for the sake of clarity) “analog people”, These are the folks who would prefer everything on paper with wet ink if they had their choice, often resistant to change and reliant on their staff to understand technology, this is clear when they are interviewing witnesses in the tech industry. “Digital people” will be the opposite, having little patience for hard copies, and likely difficulty with the analog-era bureaucracy found in DC. As late Generation X, I had an analog childhood and digital adulthood, which gives me perspective into both worlds, and will help me to aid others in navigating the differences between the two schools of thought.

Within the next decade, Congress will have to face the issue of regulating Artificial Intelligence and its development, personally, I don’t trust that legislation to people who don’t understand that Social Media Platforms are independent, and can moderate as they wish, without it being a First Amendment issue. Any nerd knew that the Hunter Biden laptop story was garbage as soon as we heard it. The world is only going to get more complicated from here, and the same people who got us into this mess will not be the ones to get us out.

Vote for a nerd to represent you, one with compassion, technical knowledge and aptitude, and a drive to make America great for all.

Georgia has a long and proud history (though not always right), and Marjorie Taylor Greene does not reflect that pride, nor the views of Georgia. 

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First and foremost

There are issues that are incredibly divisive right now, and I’m going to tell you where I stand
– and will not waver – right here, front and center:


This is a medical issue and a person’s right to choose what to do with their body is absolute. Neither State nor Federal government has a place in the discussion between a woman and her doctor about an unwanted or unviable pregnancy.


As Americans, in general, we fetishize guns to a point that we now value them over the lives of children. Just take that in for a moment. There are millions of people who believe that unfettered and unrestricted access to guns is more important than protecting children. There were “only” 37 school shootings in 2023, down from 51 in 2022. We cannot afford to continue trying to treat the problem with “thoughts and prayers”.


You’ll see me mention truth and candor a lot throughout the site, but here, I’m specifically talking about truth in education. We cannot allow our history to be whitewashed to protect fragile egos in denial of America’s actual history, from which we have many lessons to remember “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell, “1984”

More Issues than a News Stand


"If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything."

Of, By and For the People

In Congress, I will fight to end political corruption, increase government transparency, and hold leaders of both parties accountable. I’m committed to protecting American taxpayers and eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse. Politicians have earned a reputation for being liars, cheats, and thieves. 

I promise to always be transparent (within the scope of the law) and will make it more difficult for coverups, back-room deals, or even creating and maintaining a whole different persona!

How effective can a lawmaker be if they’ve been in office so long that they don’t remember what it’s like NOT to be? 

How many of our congressmen and women have created themselves a comfortable position where they just have to sit back and collect money, while the lobbyists THEMSELVES write the bills? How many have been in Washington for so long that corruption is the status quo, and any new blood elected is more likely to get swept into that corruption than to defeat it. 

Why is it that every time the republicans can’t manage a budget, they want to go after the benefits we’ve all been paying for since we were children? Why should we have to pay for their ineptitude? Social Security is not a slush fund to be raided whenever the GOP needs to give the top 1% another tax cut.

Are you a first-time voter?

Have you moved recently? Do you just want to make sure you haven’t been ‘accidentally’ purged from the voter roles? Check to make sure that everything is ready for the primary elections in May!

We know that when Democrats show up to vote, we win the races, we just have a problem showing up (even if it’s sometimes out of our control). Until we can make voting day a national holiday, where everyone gets time from work to vote, we need to work together to make sure that every voice is heard!

Donate to the cause


Running a campaign isn’t cheap, and I’m not going to sell your voice to anyone. Of course, that means raising money takes a little more time and effort, but being able to face myself – in the end – is worth it.

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I can tell you all day about the terrible things that the MAGA army have done in Congress Whether it be on the chamber floor, or in committee, the GOP’s commitment to chaos would be impressive, if it weren’t so dangerous. This is the page where I will link to as many videos as I can, (without stealing them from content creators).  I don’t add to these nearly as often as I’d like, but if I see an uptick to that page, I’ll dedicate more time to it, deal?

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